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Extend Starbucks Hours in Cook Library

The library is open until 2 am during the school year, but I can only get coffee until 8 pm. It does not make sense, especially in the weeks leading up to finals when everyone is completing projects/papers. The hours should be extended until at least midnight.

SGA Progress/Updates: Auxiliary Services is looking into having longer hours while the library is open. We will update with progress. MODERATOR


Save Qdoba Wednesday

Qdoba announced that the half price student discount will be discontinued beginning in September. Up vote this post and let's show Qdoba how many students care about burritos.

SGA Progress/Updates: The Executive Board is currently in contact with Qdoba Headquarters to address this concern. Thank you for your outreach! We will keep you updated. MODERATOR


IMMEDIATE Action for Commuter Parking

Although Towson has changed the parking signs around over the summer, we have been having more trouble than ever finding parking. We pay $330 a year for a parking permit and with that permit, we should not have to be 30 or more minutes late to class, have to park at the mall, or even miss class entirely due to parking issues. Towson's student body is composed of mostly commuters. We are tired of arriving to campus at ...more »

SGA Progress/Updates: Parking and Transportation is currently looking at reallocating faculty/staff spots in Towsontown Garage and designating them as commuter spots. When a snow event happens there is a 12 hour grace period after the University reopens for vehicles to return to their appropriate locations. Facilities Management has designated the roof decks of the garages as a high priority when cleaning up after a winter weather incident. MODERATOR


Clean up the Towson.edu website

There's far too many outdated and nonexistent pages on the Towson.edu website. For example, a link to an Academic Achievement center fact sheet shows up as a non-existing page. Cleaning the site up would help provide better search results.

SGA Progress/Updates: Michael Heasley, Director of Digital Strategy responded: The university has purchased a new content management system and engaged with a local agency to redesign and re-architect Towson.edu as a whole. The agency has delivered a new information architecture that will streamline the site significantly when implemented in 2015. Broken links and non-existent pages will be addressed during the project. More detail can be found here: http://www.towson.edu/redesign/ MODERATOR


Healthy choices of food

The healthier alternatives are prepared somewhat unhealthily (either too oily or tastes like fat or salty etc.). Vegetables at Glen are a perfect example. We need to have healthy foods prepared healthily with less oil or not fried.

SGA Progress/Updates: New menu ideas are being proposed to many locations including Paws! We will update you with progress. MODERATOR


Shuttle Services

When the off-campus shuttles drive past your stop, without warning, because they are full, we should be better informed if there is one being sent out immediately to pick-up the rest, or if we have to wait another half and hour.

SGA Progress/Updates: From Parking and Transportation: They have counters already on place on the bus, but once a student sees a bus is full via app, the bus would already be close by. Finally, it is hard to tell at which stop a bus will become full, it could be the last stop or 2 or stops ago that a bus became full, and they don't have extra buses to send out to pick up those that are left behind due to a full bus. SGA-We will keep a lookout for any technology improvements that we are able to assist with to improve this process. MODERATOR


More 20-Minute Parking

There should be more 20-minute parking spaces around campus, but specifically right outside of the Glen Complex. The circle gets so crowded sometimes and someone who just needs to drop his/her stuff off should be able to park in order to do so and not have to wait for the one 20-min parking spot to open up.

SGA Progress/Updates: From Parking and Transportation Services: they can't add more 20 minute spots to the other side of cross campus as that is a fire zone, and it is owned by the county. MODERATOR


Smoking outside Glen Towers

There needs to be stricter no smoking enforcement outside glen towers! That cigarette smoke is going directly into the towers air vents, especially in Tower A. My room faces the "smokers corner" and my allergies have gotten significantly worse because of this... I cant imagine how it could affect someone with asthma or reactive airway.


Parking Ticket Email

Students should receive an email when they receive a parking ticket. Currently, when a car is ticketed, it is continually ticketed each day that the car is not moved. It doesn't make sense to get multiple tickets without being aware of any of them, but the situation can occur easily for students who do not use their cars every day.

SGA Progress/Updates: Parking and Transportation is currently looking into a system that would inform you 24-48 hours after the first ticket is issued. As always you have the right to appeal, usually in doing so they will count the string of tickets as one. MODERATOR


Lack of commuter parking

There is an entire faculty/staff section on the 3rd floor of the Towsontown Garage that is constantly empty. This should most definitely be changed. Commuters should not have to park across campus when there is clearly an overabundance of faculty parking. Parking should be prioritized by number of certain permits purchased (i.e. commuter/faculty/etc)

SGA Progress/Updates: From Parking and Transportation: They will be shifting the parking spaces around over the summer. Faculty on the third floor usually come in around the afternoon time. Also there are going to be location shifts partially of the Kinesiology department, so they will have to balance that out as well. They are looking at making all of 2nd floor for faculty and then rest of it will be between Commuter Students and Residential Students. MODERATOR


Commuter Parking

As a freshman commuter, we drive many different distances and most of us are full time students. The university should consider the sacrifices we make to come to the college, pay--as a full time student--and to turn around at the end of the day and drive home and better provide us with parking; with 15 credits we are only allowed to park all the way in West Village, or stadium parking, making it very inconvenient if we ...more »

SGA Progress/Updates: From Parking and Transportation: There are numerous of spots at the Stadium to park, and we have to consider that there are other commuters from Sophomore up. So by separating the freshman parking from everyone else, it helps to cut down on the traffic/cars looking for a spot. Finally, West Village Garage, they are planning on it being solely for residents in the near future, once the two new Residence Halls are completed. MODERATOR


Shuttle buses running later

It would save students a lot of money and hassle if shuttle buses ran late on weekends when people go out which would reduce the need for cabs and drunk driving or attempting to walk home intoxicated. Having them run only on certain stops that are accessible and only until around 2 am. A lot of other university systems have this system of late night shuttle buses and it works wonderfully.

SGA Progress/Updates: From Parking and Transportation Services:we are looking into establishing an "In town Bus" next semester, that will run along York Road. The stops haven't been determined yet, and the students have to be responsible for themselves. MODERATOR


Give us more time to pay for our tuition

For those students who are working to pay the tuition by themselves i feel like the Bursar's department should give us more time to save up . So that we pay all together or if students who are on the payment plan to give them better options so that they can pay monthly, at affordable rates. For example , for those who are taking Summer classes the payment deadline is May 1. That is not enough time for us. I say that ...more »


Smoking Areas

I think that restricting smoking on campus is a reasonable idea. Most of campus is a collective space, and exposing people, without a choice, to second hand smoke is not something really anyone wants. However, there has been poor implementation of the rule. Banning smoking, does not decrease smoking, it simply moves the smokers. Towson did not set up and area for these smokers to go, so they are left to congregate in ...more »

SGA Progress/Updates: Thank you for your outreach! If you have any specific suggestions on a desired location, please let us know. We will look into possible solutions and will keep you updated! MODERATOR



There should be different routes for the bus so people going to Scarborough Hall from the Union do not have to be on the shuttle for............................... 22 minutes

SGA Progress/Updates: Parking and Transportation has added another route called the Black Express Route. This route will run during peak times: 7 am - 5 pm and will go the same route as the Gold Route but not go to the Athletic Complex or to University Village. This will cut back on the time that you are on the bus heading around the campus. MODERATOR


Towson Run Apartments Internet

The internet in TRun is very unreliable, even using the ethernet cable is very spotty and slow. This is making it almost impossible to do my homework in my apartment at some points in the day.

SGA Progress/Updates: The SGA Campus Improvement and Innovation Committee is currently researching your concern. Thank you for your outreach! We will keep you updated. MODERATOR

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